Every Strawberry facilitator is qualified and experienced. They adopt the role of learners along side children and help in provoking, co-constructing and stimulating the child's thinking. Their major task is to help the children see connections in their learning experiences. The facilitator work to foster self-esteem, whether during one-on-one journal time or by asking questions about family or interests, boosting children's confidence for their upcoming educational experience.

The facilitator facilitates learning as natural, spontaneous, effortless, joyous process in children. In our various knowledge centers care giver sets the context for learning and offers children ways to learn, practice and apply skills. They use a variety of instructional strategy like encouraging, giving feedback, modeling, creating or adding challenge.

Our facilitators' receive continual training and updates on the latest methods in teaching from our parent organization, Educational Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd, which is a research oriented organization in the area of early childhood education. They also conduct courses in pre-primary teacher training, workshops and training programs for other schools.

All this, with out forgetting that 'emotional bonding' is the platform on which the little one has the best start of his life, we at Strawberry fields ensure that the child is showered with attention, love and care.

Our facilitators have a passion for what they do and consider it a privilege to partner with you during this special time in your child's life.

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